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Snack ideas for your Preschool Graduation celebration

Every Preschool Graduation that I have been a part of during my career has had some sort of snack component, which works out well for me because I love to bake.  I always want to make something for the celebration, but I also usually encourage parents to bring something to share as well.  Some of my celebrations have been very well-attended, and I can’t feed that many people by myself!

I always appreciate the parents who offer to bring drinks and paper products, that makes my life so much easier! I also love it when someone brings a fruit salad or a veggie tray, they are always welcome among the baked goods.  The last couple of years I’ve hosted “Smart Cookies” themed graduation celebrations, so we’ve had cookie buffets, which are easy for everyone, even if you go to the store and buy cookies, you’re still participating in the theme! If you’re looking for a fun idea for your graduation celebration (or you’re a parent who needs an idea) here are a few cute options;

Graduate fruit cups – from A Thrifty Mom
School color puppy chow mix – from Savings Lifestyle
Marshmallow pops – from Jane Can
Cake Roll Diplomas – from Disney Family
Nearly any snack can be done in school colors, and if the preschool doesn’t actually have school colors, then black and silver are always safe bets for a graduation celebration!

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