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Taking Care of the Earth can be exciting!

Earth Day is on Wednesday, and if your plans are anything like mine, they probably involve heading outside to pick up litter.  This is a great way to help children understand that one little piece of trash can easily turn into many, many pieces of trash if we all litter, but it isn’t the most exciting activity.  I’ve come up with a way to get little ones excited about picking up litter, so that it can be a fun experience your class will never forget.

Young children love super heroes, so I’ve created an Earth Day super hero mask that your students can decorate to wear while you pick up litter.  Once they’ve completed their mask you can give them rubber gloves and a garbage bag to complete their super hero costume (you could even make a cape out of the garbage bag if you want).

The children will love that they get to be Earth Day Avengers, and members of the community will get a kick out of seeing the children in costume as they pick up litter.

Download the mask template here and start on this easy project with your class – I’d love to see your photos if you’re willing to share!

After you’ve picked up litter you can sort and graph it using the freebie that I shared on Friday, make sure to go check it out!

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