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Making chores fun and easy

Yesterday I shared a list of chores that preschoolers can do at home and in the classroom to build confidence, motor skills, and responsibility.  Today I’ve got some great ideas for making sure that children want to do their chores.

First, I suggest incorporating the responsibilities into your daily routine.  When children complete their chores as a part of a regular routine, they are more likely to complete them without whining or complaining.  This is because they know what is expected of them, and their chores become a responsibility and not a task they have to complete before they have fun.

It is also fun to have your children or students help you make a clean-up kit just for them, here’s what I have in mine:

You might also want to add a small spray bottle, rubber gloves, or a dust pan and brush.  This kit is great because children can use it whenever they want, and having their own tools always makes the job more fun.  
When you’re implementing a job system in the classroom it is helpful for each child to keep the same job for a week or two, this way they have time to build a routine and master the skills that are related to each job.  If you are starting chores at home, add one job at a time.  Once a child has shown that he or she is able to complete their job (and remember to do it) then add another to their list.  Adding jobs slowly will help children ease into their responsibilities and not feel overwhelmed by being given too many new tasks at one time. 

The end of the year might not be the best time to start a job routine in the classroom, but if you’ve started planning for next year please be sure to check out my Classroom Jobs Set!

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