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Age appropriate chores for preschoolers

Young children love to help, and encouraging this is a great way to ensure that they develop a sense of responsibility, and understanding that when we all work together, things get done faster.  Whether you’re looking to give your children some responsibility at home over the summer, or you could just use a little help keeping the classroom tidy, here are chores that are developmentally appropriate for preschoolers to help with;

At home
– Gathering dirty laundry
– Folding t-shirts and towels
– Matching clean socks
– Feeding pets
– Dusting
– Cleaning up play spaces
– Cleaning up small messes with a handheld vacuum
– Use a damp mop or Swiffer on the floors
– Making their own bed
– Set the table
– Clear the table
– Load and unload the dishwasher
– Water plants

In the classroom
– Clean up after snacks/meals
– Replenish supplies
– Sharpen pencils
– Wipe down tables with soap and water
– Feed pets
– Water plants
– Sweep up messes with a small broom
– Dust shelves
– Tidying centers/bookshelves

Young children are able to take on responsibilities, and doing so helps them build confidence and coordination.  Children also appreciate that they are able to help, because so often they are the ones asking adults for help.  Check back tomorrow and I’ll share some great ideas for setting up routines that help children accomplish their chores.

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