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Back to School Products for the Preschool Classroom

It’s the end of July, I know, how did that happen?! I swear summer gets shorter every year! Many of you are preparing to head back to school (and if you haven’t started prepping, you’ve probably started thinking about it) so I thought I would share some of the things that I’ve created that might help you out this year – make sure to read the entire post because there are freebies throughout!

Inspire Emergent Curriculum:  This standards-based curriculum is perfect for programs that implement the Reggio Philosophy or the Project Approach.  

Circle Time Mega Pack: Start the year off right by implementing successful, developmentally appropriate circle time from the start.  

Name Card Freebie: These are perfect for helping children learn their names, the freebie includes a new design for each month.  

Picture Schedule Cards: Make sure that children always know what is coming next with cards they can use independently.  This set includes smaller cards that children can use on a ring, or in a velcro file folder.  Each of the schedule cards has plenty of space to include notes specific to your classroom. 

Classroom Jobs Set: Give children responsibility with this set designed specifically for preschoolers.  It includes job tags that children can wear with picture lists of each job’s responsibilities.  

First Day of Preschool Freebie: Get rid of first day jitters (and chaos) by planning activities that children and their parents can do together as you welcome them into the classroom and make time to meet with each family.  

Preschool Teacher Resource Collection:  This set includes a Project Work Planner, Question of the Day Notebook, Reflection Checklist, and Classroom Recipe book.  These are all great resources for keeping teachers prepared and organized.  

Infant/Toddler Portfolio Pack and Preschool Portfolio Pack: These portfolio packs make assessment easier, both include portfolio pages for each early learning standard and annual standards-based progress checklists.  They are editable, so they can be done digitally or printed and filled in by hand for each child.  

Back to School Activity Bundle: Math and language activities with a back to school theme.  These are perfect activity centers for your first week!

Happy Notes: Use Happy Notes to recognize the positive things that your students do throughout the day.  Children and parents love to receive these, and they can help you focus on the great things that are happening in your classroom. 

Hopefully some of these ideas will make going back to school a little easier.  If you are looking for more great ideas, check out my pinboards, I’m always adding fun stuff!

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