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First Day of Preschool Freebie

The first days of school can be a little difficult for everyone.  Children are nervous, parents want your attention, and you desperately want to start your routines off right.  I’m hoping I’ve got something that will make you end that first day just a little less exhausted!

I put together a freebie to help make the first day run a little more smoothly.  It is designed so that parents can complete the simple activities with their child, giving them something to do while they wait for an opportunity to talk to you one-on-one.  

The freebie includes:

A sign and keepsake photo mat. Parents can take a photo of their child holding the “First day of Preschool” sign, and you can send them home with the keepsake mat to display the photo on.  
Children can draw their parents a special picture to commemorate their first day of preschool.  WHile the children work, parents can take a minute to write a comforting note that you can read to the child after mom and dad leave.  

Easy name tags give children the opportunity to practice writing their names, while also helping you get to know their names. There is also a simple classroom scavenger hunt to encourage children and parents to explore the classroom and find the things that they will both need to be familiar with, like the child’s cubby and the bathroom.

These activities are simple enough that parents can lead their child through them, leaving you free for individual conversations with parents and child.  Download your copy and then check out some of my other blog exclusive freebies!

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