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Compare and contrast with pumpkin

What do you do with all of those pumpkin insides after you scoop them out? Sure, they make a great sensory experience, but have you ever considered doing an authentic compare and contrast? Simply put a large scoop or the insides of your class pumpkin on a tray or cookie sheet. Next to it, place a similar size scoop of canned pumpkin.  What do the children have to say about these two scoops of pumpkin?

If they need a little guidance you could ask these questions:

  • Those are both pumpkin, why are they different?
  • What do they look like?
  • What do they feel like?
  • Do they smell different?
  • What else do you notice?
After having a conversation about the similarities and differences pick the seeds out of your pumpkin and puree what is left in the blender.  Now how are they different? How are they similar? 
While your class jack o lantern is most likely not the same variety of pumpkin as the pumpkin in your can, this experience will help the children make the connection between the pumpkin they carved for Halloween and the Pie they eat for Thanksgiving! It is also great practice for comparing and contrast because they can get their hands on it and really feel the difference.  
For some other ways to use up those pumpkins, check out this post from yesterday!

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