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Candy-free valentines

I’m not sure when it became the norm to give valentines with little gifts attached – when I was little the box of cards from the dollar store was more than enough, but I’m guessing this new trend is here to stay.  So I’m here to help you with some last minute valentines that are perfectly appropriate for preschoolers and sugar-free!

All of these fun ideas can be found on Oriental Trading, because while kids love candy, they also cannot seem to resist things from Oriental Trading (and the price tag makes that something that I can handle)! If you see one that you love, you can download it here!

This one uses these cute Valentine stress balls:

Pencils are always a great choice for school:
How cute are these rubber ducks ?! I would love to get one of these valentines:
Every kiddo would love these gliders:
I still love these sticky hearts as much as I did when I was little:
These little monster poppers are too cute!
 You can download all of the printable valentines for free here, and follow the links throughout the post to find the toys to go with them on Oriental Trading!

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