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New for Halloween!

I was not about to let Halloween go by without coming up with something new and fun, and I’m hoping that you are as excited about this activity as I am!

Do you remember my Story Problems for Beginners? This is one of my favorite sets because it has so many different built in supports and visuals, it brings these concepts to life in a very easy to understand way.

I just added a Story Problems for Beginners set for Halloween!!!! I had so much fun switching up the colors and graphics for the holidays and I’m really happy with how it all turned out.

The first group of problems showcase two different kinds of jack-o-lanterns, and the problems all have sums of five or under.

The second group features two different kinds of candy, and all of the problems have sums of 8 or under.

The last group of problems ask children to add up their monsters to get sums of 10 or under.

There are problems in this set for every level of children in your class, and I’m sure that the Halloween theme will be a hit! Watch for additional seasonal set coming soon!

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