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Using family photos in the classroom

I have always been a huge advocate of incorporating family photos in the classroom, for a number of reasons;

  • It helps children to see their classroom as a place that they belong.
  • It shows that you value all of your students’ families and helps parents feel welcome.
  • Photos can be a great tool for helping children transition into the classroom, especially if they have a hard time separating from their parents.
  • Children can learn a lot about each other from viewing family photos. 
It isn’t always easy to get parents to remember to bring in those photos, so I created this easy little paper bag album that you can send home for families to complete together.  

You will need: 2 paper lunch bags per child Staples and stapler 1 copy of the printable album pages per child 1 ziplock bag per child Cut the bottom of each paper bag out, then place the paper bags on top of each other and fold in half.  Use two staples along the folded edge to secure the pages Cut out each page of the album printable and secure it to a page in the paper bag album (or cut out each page and families can secure them to the album pages). Place the album in the ziplock bag with the instruction sheet and a glue stick. Send the bag home with the children to complete and bring back (make sure to write a due date on the blank on the instruction sheet). I always make one with my own pictures and share it with the children before sending the project home. This helps get them excited about completing their own!

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