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Using your local Child Care Resource and Referral

I promised posts this week that will help you save money and find resources for your preschool and child care programs.  In my opinion, there is no greater resource than your local Child Care Resource and Referral.

According to Child Care Aware there are over 400 Child Care Resource and Referral offices across the US, and while they all offer slightly different services, many of their offerings are similar.  For example, at my local Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) they help families locate child care programs that meet their needs, offer professional development trainings and technical assistance to child care providers, provide programming for parents and families, and run a resource library where I can use the Ellison machine, Cricut, or binding machine, laminate for free, and check out prop boxes for different themes.

It’s also great to know who to call when you have a question, which can save a ton of time that I would otherwise spend searching for answers online.

If you aren’t sure if your area has a CCR&R you can find out by using the CCR&R Search on Child Care Aware’s website.

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