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Skills to practice before kindergarten

The most popular question that I used to get asked as a preschool teacher was “How can I make sure that my child is ready for kindergarten?”

Of course there is not one thing that parents can work on with their preschooler, but they usually ask me this question when they don’t actually have time for a long conversation.  So I created this workbook to share with parents.  It includes simple activities that are easy for families to do and don’t require a ton of materials.

This set includes 10 weeks worth of daily activities, one activity for each week day, which can be completed during the weeks between the end of preschool and the beginning of Kindergarten. The activities are simple, and designed to be easy for parents to facilitate using materials found in every home. Each week follows the same schedule;
Monday – Math concepts
Tuesday – Language and Literacy 
Wednesday – Social/Emotional Skills
Thursday – Social Studies/Civics
Friday – Building confidence

This pack includes three different formats, each containing the same content. Please choose the format that meets your needs and will be most helpful to your families;
Workbook – 1 page for each of the 10 weeks
Calendar – Two 5 week calendar pages
Booklet – Half sheet booklets with one page per week
I’ve also included a parent letter that you can send home to help explain the Get Ready for Kindergarten activities. 

I hope this resource helps your families feel confident in their children’s abilities and level of Kindergarten readiness. I also hope that it makes your job easier as you try to recommend resources and opportunities for each family. 

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