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4th of July Play Dough

On Friday I shared a free set of 4th of July Play Dough Mats, so today I wanted to make sure I gave you a play dough recipe to go with it.  I am very picky about my homemade play dough, I don’t like it to be too oily or too salty, and I really don’t like it when it dries your hands out while you play with it.  I tried a ton of different recipes before finally finding my favorite, which is from Kristalynn.com  (follow the link to see the entire recipe).  You can make it any colors that you want, and it’s the perfect base for adding fun extras.

Plain old regular play dough isn’t good enough for a special day like 4th of July, so here are some things that you can add to make your holiday play dough just a little more exciting:
  • Patriotic glitter
  • Star shaped confetti
  • Pop Rocks candy
  • Red, white, and blue sand
  • Rock salt
  • Berry-scented oils or extracts
  • Patriotic sprinkles
  • Red, white, and blue plastic beads
  • Scent it with red or blue Kool-Aid or Jello mix
  • Red, white, and blue colored rice
I can’t wait to make my own and try some of these out!

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