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My favorite assessment products

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a back to school boost sale today! Usually when there is a sale I like to share what’s on my wishlist, along with some of my favorite products from my store. Since I already did that here and here, I thought I’d share my favorite assessment products so that you can see what I use.

Infant/Toddler Portfolio Pack: This product includes portfolio pages based on Early Learning Development Standards for Infants and Toddlers. Portfolio pages cover the following domains; Cognitive skills and general knowledge (including math, science, and social studies), Language and Literacy, Social Emotional Development, Physical Motor Development, Approaches towards learning (initiative, curiosity, etc.), and Art. This pack also includes the Infant Toddler Developmental Assessment Conference Checklist. This file is editable, once downloaded it can be personalized for each student in your class. 

Preschool Portfolio Pack: This product is a ready-made student portfolio. It includes one page for each preschool Early Learning Development Standard, as well as pages for recording artistic learning experiences. It comes with the Preschool Standards Conference Checklist, as well as a cover page for student portfolios. All the teacher has to do is complete each portfolio page with a description of the learning experience and an example of the student’s work, or a photo of the child participating. 

This product is entirely editable once downloaded it can be personalized for each student in your class. Portfolios can be saved and edited on the computer, saving valuable space and printing costs.

Basic Skills Assessment for Preschool: This assessment is meant to determine understanding of basic preschool skills. it includes the following; writing samples, 2D shape recognition, upper and lower case letter recognition, letter sounds, number recognition, color recognition, rhyming, patterning, grouped sets, number sequencing, months of the year, and days of the week. It also includes flash cards for use when assessing children. 

Assessment Evidence Collection Kit: Do you have to collect evidence for preschool student assessments and portfolios? Use these labels and instructions to put together evidence collection binders for each student so you can keep track of the evidence you have collected and quickly see what you still need to gather. 

This set includes step by step instructions for creating the binder, as well as cover labels, domain cover sheets which list each standard, and domain checklists so that you can check off evidence for each standard as you collect it. 

This set includes the labels that you need to put together an assessment evidence folder for each of your students. Once complete, this binder will be the perfect place to store all of the anecdotal notes, work samples, and photos that you will use as evidence in formative assessments and portfolios.

You will need 8 file folders for each student. Bind these with a cover page of white cardstock. I used wired binding, but plastic comb binding will work too. The rest of the step by step instructions are included in the download. 

There are a few other supplies that I always make sure to have on hand when I’m working on assessments (affiliate links):

Head over to TPT to score some great deals when you use the code BTSBONUS, and check back tomorrow, I’ll share an assessment-related Friday Freebie!

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