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Halloween Safety

Ready or not, Halloween is almost here.  While it’s fun to do math activities with candy corn and explore pumpkin guts in the sensory table, there’s one very important Halloween lesson that I don’t want to forget about.  Halloween safety doesn’t always get the recognition that it deserves, but a few simple strategies could make a huge difference. 

Talk to your students.  Remind them to watch for cars, stay on sidewalks, cross streets at cross walks, and check with their parents before eating any candy.  These might not be the most fun conversations, but it never hurts to be that voice in the back of their heads. 

I’ve shared this resource every year since I started blogging, but if you want to make this conversation a little more fun – and maybe make it stick a little more, check out this Halloween Safety Freebie from Miss Kindergarten Love. 

However you end up celebrating, I hope that your holiday is wonderful!

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