• crockpot applesauce

    Easy Classroom Applesauce Recipe

    I made applesauce at home last week, and it reminded me that it’s been a while since I’ve shared my favorite classroom apple recipe! This easy crockpot applesauce is a fall favorite that is perfect for an apple investigation or holiday meal. Here’s the original post from 2014, and the download with the recipe: I'm not sure when it was decided that autumn means an in-depth study of apples in every single early childhood classroom in the country, but I'm certainly not one to buck tradition. One of my favorite apple activities to do with my preschoolers is to make homemade applesauce. Children love this activity because they get to eat…

  • camping snacks

    Camping Recipes for the Classroom

    It can be intimidating to think about camping-themed snacks for the classroom, because so many of those traditional favorites require a campfire. Some programs might embrace that, but my experience has always been that this wouldn’t even be a possibility due to licensing regulations (nor would I want to be the one supervising so many children in a potentially unsafe situation). So here are a ton of really great camping snack ideas that offer many of the same flavors, without the fire aspect!

  • Friday Freebie – Bubble Recipe

    Happy Friday! Today’s freebie is the perfect little recipe to send home with your students. These bubble recipe cards would be fun for families to follow and report how their bubbles worked.  Go download your set and have a great weekend!

  • Family Recipe Book

    Thanksgiving is about two things; food, and family.  Encourage your families to share their favorite recipes with each other by sending home these cute recipe pages.  Once each family has completed one you can compile them to create a beautiful class recipe book that is sure to be a hit! Download your free recipe pages here!

  • 4th of July Fruit Salad

    I love to make fruit salad with little ones for a couple of different reasons.  First, and most obvious being that it gets them really excited about eating fruit – they get to help every step of the way and that ownership gives them the confidence to try things that they otherwise may not.  The second wonderful thing about fruit salad is that it is relatively easy to put together, you may need to cut up some of the ingredients, but other than that it is just pouring and mixing.  There is no cooking involved at all. This fruit salad is perfect for a patriotic summer event. It uses red…

  • Easter Snack – Bunny Trail Mix

    Even  if you aren’t planning an Easter party, it’s always fun to add a little excitement to your day with a special snack.  I love to make snack mix with preschoolers for a couple of reasons: None of the ingredients have to be measured or cooked, just dump it all in a great big bowl and stir it up! It is really easy for families to help bring in supplies because they only have to get a bag of this or a box of that.  You aren’t asking for a ton of stuff and they don’t have to sort or seperate any of it.   The other really great thing…

  • Friday Freebie – Picture Recipe

    Happy Friday!!! This has been one of those weeks that has been so busy and lasted forever – so I am happy to celebrate Friday with all of you. This week my posts have been about cooking in the classroom and I wanted to share a related freebie with you.  This picture recipe from Stars on the Spectrum is perfect because it’s an easy recipe to do in the classroom and the children can really be a part of dictating the steps using the pictures! Download your copy and enjoy your weekend!