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Fort-building 101

This week our dramatic play area has been turned into a fort-building paradise. The children were building forts with our tablecloths anyway, so we decided to specify an area for this.

We included a large number of different sized pieces of fabric, some large blocks and tall sticks, and random pieces of furniture that they could cover.

I love building forts, I remember doing this wen I was little, and I think that every child needs to have this opportunity. I also love to watch the children in my class build forts because I can see their gears turning as they use their problem solving skills to figure oh what to cover, where to put the fabric, and how to make sure that the fabric pieces don’t fall. This is also an incredible opportunity for teamwork and social skills, as they have to work together to figure these things out, an they begin to learn that they can turn to each other for help.

Considering all if the other things that we’ve got going on this week – learning about Mardi Gras an celebrating Valentine’s Day, an area for some good basic play is going to be welcome and very much needed!!!

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