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Valentine math game

This is a super easy number recognition and matching game that I found on Pinterest and adapted for our classroom. I’ll tell you my version, and you can check out my pin boards for the original!

First I traced a large heart on a sheet of paper, then I made 15 dots around the edge of the heart with a bingo marker. You could do more or less depending on the needs of your class, my guys really need to work on the teens.

I then used the same color bingo marker to mark the bottoms of 15 Hershey kisses. I made three game using three different colors so that I was easy to keep track of which number went with which game board, but if you are only making one the. This step would not be necessary.

After everything was color coded, and the marker had dried, I wrote the numbers 1-15 on each dot on the game board, as well as on the bottom of each Hershey kiss.

The children have to find all of the kisses that match their game board color, and then match each numbered candy to the corresponding numbered dot on the game board.

My kids aren’t usually attracted to typical math games, but I couldn’t keep them from arguing over this one, maybe because it smells so good! And surprisingly not one of them even attempted to sneak a piece of the candy.

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