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Who doesn’t love a sale!?

Teachers Pay Teachers has just announced that they have reached 3 million members! To celebrate this milestone they are throwing a SALE! This is pretty huge because Tpt only has 4 site wide sales all year.  I’m excited because this will be my first sale as a Tpt Seller, but also because I have a huge wishlist of great preschool and organizational items that I can’t wait to purchase!

I’m trying hard to keep my list small, but there are a few things that I will definitely be buying.  Here is a sample of what is on my wishlist:

TPT Seller’s Best Friend TPT & Blogging Planner by Crayonbox Learning. This would be awesome to organize all of my info, and to help me track all of the stats that I don’t know I’m supposed to be tracking. I’m still new at this, a cute printable organizer that gives me guidance is calling my name!

Preschool Pack – A kindergarten readiness calendar by Kim Swoveland. This would be an amazing gift for my kiddos at preschool graduation. It has daily activities for the summer months that can easily be completed at home (think counting all of the steps to your bedroom, finding letters in your house, etc.). I absolutely love it!

Patterns for math: non-themed printables packet by PreKinders. Oh My Goodness. 72 pages of patterning, need I say more?!

Lots of Dots: Alphabet Tracing Sheets by Jennifer Hier.  These are awesome. You can use them over and over again, with bingo markers, little jewels, stones, buttons, beads. Preschoolers love tiny little objects, so using all of those loose parts to make letters is such a great concept.

And if there was one item in my own store that I would purchase for myself it would be this one:

My Preschool Assessment Portfolio Pack. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t come up with this earlier. It has one portfolio page for each developmental standard.  All the teacher has to do is put in the child’s name, their own name, the date, a short description of an activity and a photo or piece of the child’s work.  No more looking up standards, no more scrambling and trying to get all of these portfolios done at the end of the month, not more cross referenceing to make sure you hit all of the standards. This pack also includes the conference checklist for a quick overview of what the child has accomplished throughout the year. I will most definitely be using this with my class next year!

Head on over to Teachers Pay Teachers and check out the sale, you may have a hard time deciding what to buy, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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