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End of the year skills post #2

Yesterday I introduced you to one of my favorite products for helping my kiddos jump into reading – something that they are very excited about right now! Today I want to share one of my newest products, that my students are loving.

These are my CVC Word Family Ring Books. They are very similar to the paint chips, but each word family is on it’s own ring, helping to manage the chaos of all those letter cards.  These are also color coded, to help make sure that the correct beginning letters stay with the intended word family.  I do this to make sure that students can be successful – they are reading words that they have heard before, not nonsense words that don’t make any sense.

Because all of the pieces of this product are on rings, these are great for students to practice with individually. They can easily flip to the next letter all on their own, and all of the letters will always stay in order, so they can easily read the words that you want them to practice.  These are a great option for your students who finish their other work quickly and need something that they can do quietly at their desk.

The ring books and the CVC Paint Chips are both included in my CVC Word Family Bundle, which is a great deal, and perfect for any teacher who is looking for fun new ways to help students practice the basics. Both of these products have worked wonders in my classroom. Students want to use them, meaning even those who would not typically choose reading work are actively working on their reading skills, yay!

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