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Change is a good thing

It took me a long time to feel this way, but after a year and a half of living my life in chaos and trying to be positive and see the silver lining ALL THE TIME, I think I actually get it.

I’ve been a little down for the last couple of weeks, you see, this is the first year that I haven’t actually had my own class to welcome back to school.  While I know that I’m doing exactly what I’m really meant to be doing, and I love that I get to spend so much time working on projects that I’m really passionate about, It does make it a little harder to listen to all of my teacher friends talk about their new classes.

I thought the best thing I could do to make myself feel a little better about this new journey I’m on was to throw myself into a project that I could be really proud of.  So today I am so excited because today I get to share it with you!

Ta-da! Here’s my new website! I’m going to share a few screenshots, but be sure to head over and check it out yourself at

The home page 🙂

Just a little about me (that is one of my favorite photos of myself, and let’s be honest, there aren’t a ton of photos of myself I love)

A showcase of some of my best sellers!

Links to all of my blog freebies – this way you don’t have to sift through old blog posts to find the freebies.  I’m working on linking all of my Friday Freebies too.  

The contact page – an easy way to get a hold of me.  Plus, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter!

And the blog feed.  My newest posts will be available right on the website, and you’ll always be able to click the link at the top of the page to go directly to the blog and access all of my old posts.  
This project was definitely the therapy that I needed.  It definitely reminded me that I have a lot of really wonderful things going on right now, and it motivated me to work on some of the other projects on my list!
[I used wix to build my site and host the domain.  All of the graphics on the site are from Erin Bradley Designs and Ashley Hughes.  The background is from the Cutest Blog on the Block.]

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