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Gift ideas for your students

I love to give my students something for the holidays, but when you’re buying the same thing for 20+ children it can get a little pricey.  I’ve rounded up a few ideas for you, I haven’t decided which one I’m going to use yet!

Personality trait name plates inside of ornament frames
This idea is a fun adaptation of a gift that Laura Schroyer made for her students.

Laura used Wordle, I also like Tagxedo, both sites let you input the words that you want to use and create shapes out of the included words.  This is a great way to recognize what is special about each student in your class, and to let them know that you’ve been paying attention to them.  I found these great Photo Ornament Frames that would make this idea a perfect holiday gift!

Sweet treat ornament
This idea is from Pink Cake Plate, but I’m sure you could come up with a number of variations on your own. 

All you need are Clear Plastic Ornaments and Red M&M’s Candy  to make a simple, holiday themed ornament that your students will love.

A pair of gloves
This idea is from All Things Heart and Home, and it’s genius really!

This requires absolutely no craftiness, and very little time. Just give your students a pair of gloves! How often do preschoolers lose their gloves? They can keep this pair at school and their parents will love you for it.  You can get Children’s Knit Gloves  in bulk on Amazon!
Snowman Mugs
This idea is from Happy Go Lucky, and it might be my favorite one yet.  
These are so cute, and I’ve painted a ton of ceramics over the last couple of years – it isn’t hard to do.  The trick is to use paint that requires you to bake the mugs to seal the paint.  The Dollar Tree is a great place to pick up discount mugs.
Personalized Clipboards 
I found this idea on the Scholastic Blog
What an easy gift! We use clipboards all the time, my students would be so excited to have their own personalized Clipboard  to use in the classroom!
Play Dough Christmas Tree Kit
This easy idea is from Learn with Play at Home.
This is an easy little gift that you could make with store bought play dough or home made play dough, a short piece of garland, and a few plastic beads.  Any kid would love this and parents would be thankful that you gave their child something to occupy their time!
What did we do before blogging and Pinterest?! I can’t imagine teaching without all of these great ideas at my fingertips!

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