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Back to School Wish List

It’s that time again – time for the massive Back to School Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers!!!! As is my tradition, I’m sharing what’s on my wishlist to help you add to your wishlist. Here’s what will be going in my cart:

The dramatic play sets from Play to Learn Preschool are my favorite, and this Library set is adorable, and perfect for getting children excited about reading!

Fire drills can be terrifying for little ones who are new to school. I love this Fire Drill set from Pocket of Preschool because it gives children the opportunity to explore the routines without the actual alarm.

These Open Ended Question posters from Teaching Preschoolers are a great visual reminder.  They are also really helpful for parents to see what kinds of things they can talk about their children.

Another piece of my sale tradition is to share my favorite products from my store, that would definitely be in my cart if I hadn’t created them myself, here’s what I LOVE for back to school:

I used to hate circle time, but then I figured out how to do it right, and I created cute matchy materials for all of my circle time activities. Now it’s a great way to start of the day, and you can use this set to get your circle time routines under control right from the start!

Classroom jobs have always been as much a chore for me as for my students, so I put together this Classroom Jobs pack very intentionally. There are name plates for each job, labels to hang in the classroom that correspond to the jobs, and tags that the children can wear that list their duties in words and pictures.

I always want to celebrate the amount of reading my children are doing, but writing down all of those titles is something that I just didn’t have time for.  Even the youngest readers can use these logs independently because all they have to do is color in a tiny picture for each book that they read. 

What is on your wishlist for the back to school sale?! I’d love to hear about your amazing finds!

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