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Color Palettes

I’ve written a lot about classroom design this week, so I wanted to share one of my favorite sites for inspiration, have you checked out Design Seeds?! Don’t click on that link unless you’ve got time to waste, because I guarantee that it will suck you in! The site is a collection of color schemes inspired by photographs. They are fascinating and I could spend hours exploring the different combinations.

My favorite thing about the site is that it will let you choose a color, and then give you all of the different palettes that include that color. This makes it really easy to find color schemes that go with colors you are already using – like if you are trying to match a specific piece of artwork or an accent wall.

I also love that the color schemes include the original inspiration photo – this has helped me make sure that I am using natural colors in the classroom because I can choose inspiration photos that are taken in nature. It is also eye opening to see all of the colors that you can pull out of natural objects.

Here are some of my favorite Design Seeds at the moment:

I’m only going to show you four because I really shouldn’t spend much more time on that site, I’ll want to redecorate my living room!

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