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Family Photo Albums for the Classroom

An easy way to help welcome families at the beginning of the year is to encourage them to share a little information about themselves.  Using photo albums is popular because the albums also serve to help children separate from their parents a little easier in the morning.  I’ve heard many teachers say that they’ve tried to create albums for the children but they haven’t been successful because families will not provide the photos that they need.  This easy printable activity is something that you can send home with each student that might help combat this issue. 

I created this easy little paper bag album that you can send home for families to complete together.  

You will need: 2 paper lunch bags per child Staples and stapler 1 copy of the printable album pages per child 1 ziplock bag per child Cut the bottom of each paper bag out, then place the paper bags on top of each other and fold in half.  Use two staples along the folded edge to secure the pages Cut out each page of the album printable and secure it to a page in the paper bag album (or cut out each page and families can secure them to the album pages). Place the album in the ziplock bag with the instruction sheet and a glue stick. Send the bag home with the children to complete and bring back (make sure to write a due date on the blank on the instruction sheet). I always make one with my own pictures and share it with the children before sending the project home. This helps get them excited about completing their own!

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