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20 ways to explore pumpkins

Pumpkin exploration is synonymous with Halloween in preschool.  But if you’re ready to try something other than painting pumpkins and sending them home, then check out this list!

  1. Carve pumpkins
  2. Explore the insides in the sensory table
  3. Separate the seeds and bake them
  4. Compare the insides to canned pumpkin
  5. Explore pumpkins of different shapes and sizes
  6. Look at a variety of different colored pumpkins
  7. See what items you can stick into the outside of the pumpkin
  8. Look at the insides of different types of pumpkins
  9. See if your pumpkins will roll down a ramp
  10. Measure your pumpkins with a piece of yarn
  11. Use the tops of your carved pumpkins as stamps
  12. Glue collage materials to your pumpkins
  13. Plant the seeds and watch them grow
  14. Visit a pumpkin patch or look at photos to see how they grow
  15. See if different sized pumpkins sink or float
  16. Make technical drawings of your pumpkins
  17. Do crayon rubbings of your pumpkins
  18. Weigh your pumpkins on a bathroom scale
  19. Make a list of everything you know about pumpkins
  20. Bake something using pumpkin

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