spring themes
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Topics to Explore in Spring

spring themes

Spring offers so many relevant topics to explore, so I wanted to put together a list with some old favorites and some new ideas – we all need to shake things up every now and then. Doesn’t looking at this graphic just give you ALL the spring feels?!

spring themes

This also gave me a ton of new ideas, I’ve got some work to do! Here’s the full list of 30 different themes, the ones that I currently have resources available for are linked.

1. Rain

2. Gardening

3. Seeds

4. Flowers

5. St. Patricks day

6. Easter

7. Weather gear

8. Bugs

9. Wind

10. Plants

11. Water cycle

12. Recycling

13. Conservation

14. Birds

15. Spring cleaning

16. Fruit

17. Vegetables

18. Butterflies

19. Bees

20. Ants

21. Clouds

22. Storms

23. Bunnies

24. Frogs

25. Caterpillars

26. Sunshine

27. Kites

28. Leaf identification

29. Rainbows

30. Mud

spring themes

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