Uses for leftover plastic eggs

Here is a great idea for you after Easter clearance finds! We used our plastic eggs to make math matching game. Here are the super simple instructions: take two sets of plastic eggs, one large size and one mini size, match up the colors and place number stickers, matching numbers on matching colors.

This is an amazingly easy game that can be played in a number of different ways
1. Matching the large number eggs with the small number eggs, when you make a match you get to put the small egg inside the bigger one.
2. For your younger children just have them match the colors.
3. Add a smaller manipulative (ex:plastic beads) and have the children count the number of beads into the smaller eggs, then you can put the smaller egg inside the bigger egg.
4. Use them for visual addition- have the beads already inside of the eggs, the children can dump out the beads from 2 different eggs and count them all together.

How would you use these in your classroom?

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