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Alphabet book keepsakes

I’ve started thinking about our annual preschool graduation, and I have a couple of different ideas up my sleeve, but one thing that I always like to incorporate is a keepsake that shows how much the children have learned.  This year my kiddos are going to create alphabet books with their own illustrations for each letter.  We started working on them last week, doing a couple of letters whenever we get a chance. So far they are absolutely adorable.  They are really putting a lot of effort into their books, and some of the illustrations that they have come up with are hilarious.

When they get stuck I pull out my phonetic letter booklets so they can look through some of the pictures and get a better feel for the letter sound, but for the most part, they are coming up with ideas all on their own. Of course this is further proof that they understand the letter sounds – which makes this a great informal assessment too! When they finish illustrating the pages I’ll cut them in half to create a separate page for each letter, then I’ll bind them with my awesome little Bind-It-All to create cute little books that they’ll have forever – or until they decide they don’t want all that stuff they made in preschool anymore.

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