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Preschool Activities for Autumn

The weather around here lately has been screaming AUTUMN and I am loving it! Fall is my favorite time of the year (we’ve had this discussion before – boots, sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, need I say more?!), and to celebrate, I wanted to share what’s in my Autumn activity bundle.  Be sure to read all of the way through, I added a blog exclusive freebie for you too!

The Autumn Math and Literacy Activity Bundle includes the following activities (all are also available separately):
My Autumn Vocabulary Cards and Spelling Practice set includes the words  acorn, apple, leaf, corn, leaves, pumpkin, tree, orchard, squirrel, and turkey.

I usually include a letter match, but the Acorn Matching Set also lends itself to numbers and colors as well. Students have to match the acorn tops to the corresponding bottom.

I am in love with the Autumn Alphabet Book! There is an autumn word for every letter of the alphabet.  I’m working on adding one of these to all of my seasonal bundles.  
This bundle has two vocab sets (because I love autumn, duh!) The leaf set is smaller, and a great introduction to my vocabulary card sets.  
These Autumn Acorn Books are great for young children of any age.  Whether your students are telling you silly answers to write for them, or attempting to write their own factual answers, the opportunity to create their own books is a great way to motivate young writers. 
The Acorn Counting set asks students to count the correct number of acorns onto each tree.  It also includes a basket mat so that children can help their squirrel collect acorns and do simple addition when collecting acorns from more than one tree. 

I hope that you enjoy these activities, I know there are more than enough apple and pumpkin options available, so I tried my best to give you another option.  Let me know how you use them and what your students think!

Oh, and here it is – an autumn blog freebie! This is a leaf patterning set with a twist, the patterns are made on the tree branches, so it takes a little more concentration.  Children can also complete the patterns at the bottom of each page. Use this link to download a printable version. Enjoy!

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