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Book Talk Tuesday – Big Pumpkin

It’s Tuesday, so I’m linking up with Mrs. Jump’s Class for Book Talk Tuesday.  I know it isn’t quite time for Halloween yet, but I have to share this book with you now so that you have time to track it down and share it with your class for a couple of weeks before Halloween.

Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman has been my favorite Halloween book ever since I was introduced to it my first year teaching.  It tells the story of a witch who planted a pumpkin seed, which grows a pumpkin so big that she can’t move it by herself.  One by one Halloween creatures attempt to move the pumpkin, but none of them can move it alone.  Finally they realize that they will have to work together to get it to budge.

The story is repetitive and has a great rhyme, so even the youngest children will find it easy to follow along and join in the reading.  There is also a great audio version, but I will warn you that once you’ve heard the audio version, you will read it exactly the same way every single time, it’s just too catchy!

CHeck back next week and I’ll share another Halloween book that I love!

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