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A Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

Guess what everyone?! There’s a big sale going on over at TPT! It’s become a tradition for me to share what I’ve picked out to purchase during a TPT sale, so here are a few of the items on my wish list:

I’ve never met a preschooler who doesn’t love science experiments, and there are so many out there to choose from. This book of 60 science experiments from Sara Hickman will make planning so much easier!
I have been OBSESSED with Erin Bradley Designs since long before I started making my own classroom printables. I use her graphics on all of my classroom newsletters, and I am so excited that she has a TPT store now! This mega bundle has so many great graphics, I’ve been drooling over it for months and I can’t wait to put it in my cart!

Rebekah Brock always has my back! I swear, parent-teacher conferences give me hives, which is ridiculous because I love my families.  There is just something about sitting down for a conference that makes my mind go completely blank and my hands start to sweat.  Thankfully, I just found this great Conference Survival Pack, and it’s got everything – a letter about conferences, reminder notes to send home, an agenda for the actual conference – seriously, 23 pages of conference prep! Love it!

These are exactly the kinds of activities that I love to do with my students because the kids want to do them.  When they are playing with their food (especially the candy variety) they don’t think about all of the hard work and learning that they’re doing.  This Fun with Food Bundle from Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures has all kinds of fun food activities in one great big pack.

Of course, I can’t leave my own work out of this line up. I just finished putting together this Seasonal Alphabet Book bundle. It includes 12 alphabet books for different holidays and seasons, a great way to keep consistency in your materials, and switch things up to go with the season, holiday, or topic that your class is exploring.  My favorite thing about these books is that they introduce so many interesting vocabulary words – I could spend days explaining these words to my students, and I have no doubt they would turn around and use them properly in a conversation.

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