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Preschool Printables for Easter

Can you believe that it’s almost Easter? I know it’s early this year, but it makes it feel like spring is flying by! I have a ton of great Easter activities to share with you.  These would be perfect for the last couple of days before Easter at school, or for the kiddos at your family celebration to do.

One of my all-time favorite printables is Fill the Easter Basket. It includes 4 Easter basket mats, each of which has it’s own list of items for children to put in the basket.  Children have to look at the pictures in the list, find the objects in a group of Easter-related cut-outs, and count out the correct number of each object to add to the basket.  
One of my top spring downloads is the cute Fluffy Sheep Counting Mats.  These mats each have a number and a corresponding amount of circles for children to fill with objects such as marshmallows or cottonballs.  These mats can be used for Easter, spring, or even farm units, so they are multi-purpose and fun. 
This next activity is a great way to practice letter recognition and sounds.  Each Easter basket in the Easter Letter Match has a letter on it, children then have to find the matching upper and lower case letter to put in the basket. 
Vocabulary cards are always a hit in my writing center, and the Easter set is no exception.  My students want to write all about the Easter bunny, and the great stuff that might end up in their baskets, like peeps, chocolate, and jelly beans, and they love that they can do it independently. 
Another activity that can be used all spring long is Flower Petal Counting.  Each yellow center has a number, children count that many petals to create beautiful, mathematical flowers. 
I hope that these activities will make your life just a little easier as your prepare for the holiday.  They’re certainly a great way to usher in spring while practicing math and language concepts!

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