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Explaining Classroom Centers

As preschool teachers we spend a lot of time defending the importance of play.  We know exactly how much learning is taking place in our activity centers during “free play” because we designed them specifically to encourage learning, social interaction, and inquiry.  Parents and family members don’t always understand that.

I designed these labels to identify the different types of learning that takes place in each center.  Display them in a photo frame or attach them right to your shelf and parents can rad the brief description while waiting for their children to finish up their work.

I wanted to share them with you, so I designed them in two different color sets, a black and white and a bronze and gold, so they should go with just about every color combo and decor style out there (because if you want parents to pay attention they have to be attractive!).

I also created a parent letter that you can send home explaining the labels, and letting parents know where they can find them so they can check them out for themselves.  Hopefully these will help you reinforce the power of play and developmentally appropriate activities! Get your set here!

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