Messy Art for Preschool – Paper Mache

I’m not sure that I’m in majority, but I love love love messy art projects.  Yes, they are a pain to clean up, but they are such a fun experience for the children because they never get to do stuff like this at home, and it’s always a new way to experience the materials that you’re using.  As for the cleaning part, the children are usually just as excited to help me clean up as they are to actually do the activity.

How long has it been since you did some old fashioned paper mache?!

As a kid, I honestly hated paper mache, I’ve never liked getting my hands messy and I really don’t like the texture of paper mache or the way it feels when it starts to dry on your hands.  Most kids love this gloppy mess, and if you use the paper mache to cover a baloon, it can be pretty amazing when you finally pop that balloon and the paper mache holds it’s shape.

Basic paper mache is simply 1 part flour to 2 parts water.  Some people like to add a little glue for extra stickiness.  I love to use paper mache in the classroom because it teaches patience, it can feel like forever for it all to dry, but it’s so worth it when it does!

Be prepared for a mess, I highly suggest placing a dropcloth or vinyl tablecloth under your workspace. It’s also a good idea to have a large bucket of warm water for children to wash their hands in so that you don’t clog up your sink drains!

If you’d like some additional art ideas, check out my Classroom Recipe Book!

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