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Personality and Teaching Styles

The majority of my closest friends are teachers.  We are all very different people and I find it fascinating that we’ve all chosen the same field.  I also think that it’s really interesting to examine how our personalities impact the way that we teach.  For example, my best friend and I are both very focus on creating strong relationships with students, but we build those relationships in very different ways.  She engages her students in conversation like a friend, she is the teacher who is easy to talk to, a little loud, and a lot of fun.  On the other hand, I quietly let my students know that I’m paying attention by ensuring that they have the items, materials and opportunities that they need the most. I stay in the background and offer assistance as they do their thing. 

There are so many ways that our personalities play a role in our teaching styles.  I decided to take this free online personality test to get a better idea of what my own personality type encompasses so that I can be more aware of how it influences my work.
According to the 16 Personalities test, I am a Defender.  They have extensive descriptions for each personality style, but essentially defenders are incredibly kind, enthusiastic, and generous.  Um yup, they hit that nail on the head. It also notes that Defenders are perfectionists who take their responsibilities personally. Check. 
I was amazed with how accurate the profile was.  I definitely see all of these qualities in myself, and I know that they are present in my work. I often spend longer than necessary on a project because I want it to be done perfectly, and I will go out of my way to offer assistance to others. I also take on far too many tasks at once simply because I love to help people.  
I challenge you to take the test and see if your profile matches as closely as mine did!

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