• End of the year book gifts

    Books to give at the end of the school year

    Our students become our little family every year, and I always love leaving them with a memento to remember the community that we created, and to let them know that I’m still in their corner and cheering them on. Books are a wonderful gift to send them off with at the end of the year. There are always the classics, but how many copies of Oh The Places You’ll Go does one child really need? Here are 6 fund new options if you’re looking for some inspiration (all are affiliate links).

  • printable christmas thank you cards

    Printable Christmas Thank You Cards

    Here’s a super helpful resource for this time of year! Printable thank you cards have saved me more times than I can count. While I love stationary, and admittedly have a much larger stash than is necessary, I never seem to have enough thank you cards. These can be printed as needed, making it really easy to get those thank you’s out for any student or co-worker gifts before everyone leaves school for the holidays. You can grab your set HERE!

  • Toddler gift guide

    Christmas gifts for 2 and 3 year olds 2023

    Here’s another holiday gift guide! Toddlers are so fun to buy for because they’re finally understanding how to play with toys. There are so many things that you can introduce them to and they use toys in such creative ways. Here are my favorite recommendations for 2023. Just a reminder, all links are affiliates and I’ll receive a portion of the proceeds. Peanut Shaped Crayons – These are good for so many reasons! They’re designed to be easy for little hands to hold, and the lake of a paper wrapping means that children can use them any way they like. They’re also nice and thick, so they won’t break as…

  • homemade gifts

    The Year of the Homemade Gift

    I shared my word for the year at the beginning of the month, but I haven’t let you in on another intention that I set for 2023. I’ve decided that this will be “the year of the homemade gift.” I’m challenging myself to make things for every gifting occasion this year and I’ve had just as much fun planning what I want to make and give as I know I will putting it all together. January is a big birthday month for our friends and family, so here are a couple of the gifts that I’ve already created and given: A bright, sunshiny quilt for a happy little girl A…

  • easy preschool valentine gift

    Easy Preschool Valentine Gift

    I love to make a nice gift for families on Valentine’s Day – but after the chaos of trying to finish Christmas gifts quick and inexpensive are my main requirements! Here’s an idea that meets those characteristics and is super fun too. Try this easy preschool Valentine gift with your class this year. I started with a thin wooden heart from the Dollar Tree – they come natural and you could definitely leave them that way, but I used a couple of coats of old house paint to paint mine white. I also removed the twine hanger. When these were dry I took some washable Crayola paint (affiliate link) and…