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Halloween Decorations for the Classroom

I love to change up my decorations at home to go with the seasons, but I’ve never really done it at school, mostly because I can’t afford to buy decorations for home and school – and because I don’t have a place to store those decorations.  BUT that’s all about to change.

I really wanted to do something cute for Halloween, so I created a super cute set of matching classroom decorations – bunting for the wall, cupcake toppers (or stickers), treat bag toppers, name tags, a door decoration, and instructions for a class Halloween wreath.  Not only will my classroom look cute, but for the first time ever, I won’t be scrambling to find cute bits and pieces for my class party.

My favorite thing about this set is that it can all be easily stored in a file folder or a ziploc bag, plus, it’s a digital file too – so I can always print pieces again.  It is a lot of cutting, but if you have a parent volunteer to help you then it’s the perfect job for them (you’ll have control over the party decorations and your volunteers will feel like they get to help – the best of both worlds!).  

After finishing my Halloween set I knew I didn’t want to leave anyone out – so I created an autumn decoration set (for those who don’t do holidays at school), and then I did a set for Thanksgiving too.  No worries, there will be more Classroom Decoration Sets to come! You can download these three from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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